воскресенье, 30 января 2011 г.

Tunisia Snipers

No sooner had I posted an article about snipers in Cairo than my readers sent me several links about the "work" of these chaps in Tunisia. They have done their duty there, they could go. Besides, they didn't have to go too far – Egypt is not a long way from Tunisia.

The snipers got a new task.

But the style remained.

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Snipers in Cairo Make History

The latest events in Egypt called for Great Britain and United States to resort to their infallible method. The one they always use when it comes to escalation of violence in different countries, whenever they want to wreak the havoc.

And it happened. Snipers are in action again.

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воскресенье, 23 января 2011 г.

West Gives Khodorkovsky Away

There was so much fuss after Khodorkovsky was sentenced for the second time that many of us missed the point of it. We were so distracted by the Western journalists howling about legal mayhem in the country, by our own liberals moaning about the end of "Medvedev thaw" and their disappointment in DM, that we haven't yet said the words that would hurt our pro -Western liberals so much. It was the West who had cynically given Khodorkovsky away for the second time. By doing so it has proved again: it doesn't have and never had any allies. It only has its interests.

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пятница, 7 января 2011 г.

Manezhnaya Square Riots. A lesson for authorities and people

An ancient Roman proverb runs: Divide and rule. Any occasion and tragedy could be used to show this principle in action. And 'death' is usually the best one – nothing divides people better than something one can not put right again.

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