вторник, 18 октября 2011 г.

Syria – provocations and murders

Author: Digital Mohax

A week ago I wrote that the "Arab Spring" broke down, and its sponsors from special services in USA and Great Britain found out they were having huge problems in implementing their "revolutionary projects".

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воскресенье, 16 октября 2011 г.

To learn History in American way

Strong myths about our “badness” have lodged themselves in our school books by no ill luck or accident: most of our school book authors are sponsored by foreign grants.

But what do the “free and independent” American school books say about the history of the World War II? They are after all worth of inspection, since all Russian liberals cite them as an example and a reference point. One of the blog’s readers who currently resides in USA, Tigran Halatyan, took it upon himself to spend some time reading America’s history school books. Will our own school books become like that as well in the near future?

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Fuel to the fire

Is poured by Israeli government. In the fire, which is getting bigger around the Israeli state. Today, when the danger of another war in the Middle East is an all-time high, Israel will release over 1,000 prisoners from their jails. Evil prisoners, who are ready to fight and hate Israel.

"The Israeli Cabinet endorsed the deal to exchange Schalit in return for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in a 26-3 vote early Wednesday." Israeli Corporal Schalit was in captivity for the last five years. Hamas has always offered, little to say, an unequal exchange to Israel. Hamas follows the exchange principle “everyone for everyone.” And the fact that one Israeli soldier compensated "everyone" on Palatine side was questioned by the Israeli leadership UP UNTIL THIS MOMENT.

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