понедельник, 6 февраля 2012 г.

Rally on Poklonaya Hill: The People say “No” to ‘Orange Revolution’

Nikolai Starikov

No one expected so many people to show up to the rally against an 'Orange Revolution' in Russia. Not the meetings organizers, who put the estimated number at 15 thousand participants, not the mass media and not those who once again gave themselves the rights to speak in the name of the people on the Bolotnaya.

But the people came out and concretely expressed their strong 'no' to attempts to destabilize Russia. If we further understand that a significant portion of those who went to the meeting 'for fair elections,' on the Bolotnaya also do not want an orange revolution, or the spillage of blood that is always inevitable during the 'triumph of democracy' (Egypt today!); then we can be even more certain that the people of Russia are against the scenarios to topple the government; the scenarios  being played out now in Russia by our geopolitical 'friends.' After all, those who came out to Poklonaya Hill want fair elections too, and a fair reaction to the election results without attempts to blow up the situation.

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