среда, 25 сентября 2013 г.

The Country Must Know Its Heroes

Lenya Golikov, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Valya Kotik – the names of these heroes came to be a symbol of our epoch, the symbol of courage and bravery. The acts of their heroism were glorified by the poets and writers, the school textbooks set them as examples for the new generation to follow. It is absolutely correct. But there is a reasonable question: is our great Fatherland short on heroes now? Why is it that we keep hearing about the heroes of the past and hear next to nothing about the heroes of our time?

No, Russia still has her heroes. Today our mass media prefers to simply keep silence about the outstanding deeds of our compatriots. To uplift the nation’s moral spirit and cultivate the nation’s pride is not among their aims. On the contrary, the “hand-shakeable” press aims at creating an atmosphere of hopelessness and the feeling of confidence that there are no decent people in Russia any more. It is much easier to counteract the emerging movement for the country’s complete sovereignty when the consciousness of masses accepts such self-defeating ideas.

We have no less heroes in our Fatherland today. But their acts of heroism are spoken about less and being silenced more. However it is in our power to fill the hand-maid information vacuum.

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