среда, 25 сентября 2013 г.

The Crafty Yandex

He who runs ratings determines positions. This is a short meaning of all ratings, presented to our attention by the mass media. That’s why Russia will always be on the very bottom  of the charts created by the “independent” organizations. The reason is very simple: these “independent” counters receive their money from the US government.

Why did I think of it today? Back in May I wrote about a strange situation when Yandex “lost” my blog nstarikov.ru. Lost in the rating it creates itself. And you know, Yandex lost my blog so well, it couldn’t find it.

By the end of August Yandex “found” my blog. But before the disappearance I was on the 53rd position, and after it my blog nstarikov.ru turned up on the 1272nd position in its rating.

The “miracles” didn’t stop there.

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