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Nikolai Starikov about The Dollar

Nikolai Starikov is an economist, historian, and socio-political writer
Author of over 10 books:
Chaos and Revolution as The Dollar’s Weapons
Solution to The Riddle of The Russian Revolution
Nationalization of The Ruble as The Way to The Freedom of Russia
and more

Appeared as an expert in documentaries:
Parvus of the Revolution
The Storm of the Winter Palace. The Refutation.

To understand the financial system of today we should go back in time and bring to memory the stages of its establishment. And here, interestingly, we see an apparent historical co-incidence – or not a co-incidence? In my opinion, it is not a co-incidence by any means. I mean that the stages of creation of today’s financial system mysteriously overlap with the two World Wars that happened in the first half of the XXth century.

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