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Death at The Meeting, or How to Fight The “Unidentified Snipers”

Scripts of organizing most of the revolutions are done “through carbon paper”. One of the main methods used – provocation. Since the “bloody regime” doesn’t want to spill blood, it has to be helped to do so. Dead bodies of the demonstrants are the necessary attribute of any revolution. How else can you get the crowd all wound up and explain to it that the “regime” is indeed “bloody”? This is where the “unidentified snipers” come in: to help the provocateurs they fire into the crowd, passing their shooting for that of the police.

We witnessed this more then once in the course of history. In Moscow of 1993 and, more recently, in Libya, Syria, Egypt…

It turns out that the techniques of how such provocations are organized and how they can be fought back… are described in a book you can easily buy at a book store. One of the readers of nstarikov.ru Nikolai Dorofeev read such a book and sent me an interesting letter.

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