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Glance at China

I particularly recommend that we consult world maps to understand political events better.

Let's take a look at a map of China with its surrounding neighbors.

What do we have north of China? Russia. China needs Russia for its resources. China's enemies do not want China to get those resources. Instead, they want China to get instability, chaos and "freedom fighters" mixed with "fighters for independence". For this reason, separatists keep blowing up bombs in Russia while stooges stage "marches of disagreement" and blame Putin for all possible problems.

Mongolia, which has a long border with China, has recently become a political hotbed. On 29 June 2008 Mongolia held a parliamentary election. Preliminary official results showed that the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party won 45 seats and only 21 seats went to the opposition party, the Democrats. Both parties secured seats in the State Great Khural. Serious riots broke out in the capital on the following day. Several thousand opposition supporters suspected that the election had been rigged and set fire to the MPRP headquarters. On 1 July President Nambaryn Enkhbayar declared a state of emergency to be in effect for the following four days. Link

It points to the conclusion that democracy begins only when democrats speak or win. They use their defeat as a chance to stage a coup or destabilize the situation.

Next to these countries are Kazakhstan and Kirgizia. The former is quiet so far, the latter is in turmoil. Which of these two hosts an American military base and which of these, fortunately, does not?

India is suffering from terrorist attacks too. Who is to blame for killing innocent people? Pakistani terrorists, apparently. In other words, terrorists from a Chinese ally. Indian people are tricked into believing that the Chinese are their enemies. Suspected Maoist rebels derailed an overnight passenger train Friday in eastern India, triggering a crash with an oncoming cargo train that killed at least 71 people and injured 200 more, officials said. Link

Mao Zedong needs no introduction. But what do Maoists fight for these days? China is a different country now. Mao's ideas became archive material. Maoists do not exist now because the Maoist ideology has vanished. However, there is a strong reason to hate China or even unleash a new war.

Let's skip Nepal and Bhutan. What follows next is Myanma described in detail in my book "Cherchez la Oil" (Rus.: "Shershe lya Neft'"). Public rage, clashes, dead bodies, coup attempts are all parts of one scenario which was a success in Russia in 1917, but is still a failure in modern Russia.  The Chinese are building new military bases in Myanma, a country rich in mineral resources vital to Beijing. "Myanmar’s ruling generals have started a secret program to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them in a high-stakes bid to deter perceived hostile foreign powers. … Myanmar’s leaders are also building a complex network of tunnels, bunkers and other underground installations where they and their military hardware would be hidden against any external aerial attack, including presumably from the United States". Link

The next country is Laos. Laos is a quiet place, a sharp contrast with Thailand. Although Thailand does not have a border with China, it has great potential to blow up the entire region. I mentioned Thai "revolutions" in my book "Crisis, how to make it" (Rus.: "Krizis. Kak eto delaetsya"). The scenario is just the same in Kirgizia: unidentified masked men spraying bullets from assault rifles, snipers killing off bystanders. Well, the journey from Bangkok to Osh takes a couple of hours by plane…

East of mainland China is another China which lies on the islands – Taiwan, or Formosa – the major ploy used by the Americans to maintain a democratic (i.e. puppet) China. For this reason the Americans will not let the two parts of one single nation unite peacefully. They need to supply weapons to Taipei or bargain with the Chinese, threatening them with these weapon supplies.

North and South Koreas are for dessert. I have written in my previous blogs about the nation responsible for sinking the South Korean warship. Who creates "independent" investigation commissions from US, UK, Australia, Canadian and Swedish representatives? Russia, however, does believe these findings. It sent its own expert team to prevent the US from starting a war in this region.

Consulting maps helps a lot even to predict deterioration. The US is narrowing the circle of instability around China for a reason. China should be surrounded by chaos and instability.

Which countries are quiet so far? Which of them will be thrown into turmoil? Tajikistan, Nepal, and, again, Mongolia. Kazakhstan is a hard target. Which of them will see the situation worsen? Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and, sadly, Russia. The Russians will not be left in peace for a number of reasons, China being one of them.

Original text by Nikolay Starikov

Translated by Maksim Antonov

Edited by Yana Starikova

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