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Media Pirates

It appears that Somali pirates have a press service. Had I known earlier about the fact I wouldn't have entitled my previous article "A Pirate Trick", for it's not a mere trick, it's a real magic.


Just a few weeks ago these Somali chaps were poor fishermen and farmers who made ends meet by attacking the passing-by ships and getting ransom for them. And now they've become a new Al-Qaeda.

They work really fast. No sooner had Angela Merkel arrived in Russia to participate in Victory Day celebrations than the following news hit headlines:

«May 9th, Saturday – Somali pirates have hijacked a German-owned chemical tanker». Link

The pirates have made official announcements surprisingly soon.

«A pirate spokesman said at least ten of his men were executed by the Russian navy after the troopers stormed MV Moscow University». Link

And the news spread round the world.

Did Somali government accuse Russia? No, the pirates did.

The Somali ambassador to Russia, Dr Mohamed Handule has on Tuesday defended the decision of the Russian navy. “It does not concern us whether the pirates died or not. We, the states of Russia and Somalia, are responsible for a criminal's civil rights when he voluntarily surrenders or we take him alive,” Ambassador Handule told journalists. Link

Why would international and Russian news agencies quote pirates' representatives?

The fate of the ten Somali pirates seized by the Russian destroyer Admiral Shaposhnikov during release of MV Moscow University is still not clear, reports ABC.  A pirate spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, said Somalilandpress: "The Russians never released the young men instead they shot them point-blank range then loaded their lifeless bodies back on the boat," Link

The meaning of all these publications is clear.

  1. The wild Russians killed helpless fellows;
  2. The Russian government has messed everything up again.

While the first implication is divulged by the international news agencies, our liberals lay a particular stress on the second.

Russian radio station site Ekho Moskvy quotes Mikhail Voitenko as saying: "There is no excuse for the outrage that our navy officers have done. It means that Russian crew floating in dangerous waters should beware of Russian commando". Link

This radio station is notoriously famous for its peculiar way of providing information.

Following the words of Somali pirates' statesman, it condemned the action of the Russian navy. Quote: "our men never hurt their hostages, we simply want foreign ships to stop overfishing in our waters." Link

Our so-called liberals are notorious for their constant desire to misinterpret things – pirates turn into innocent victims of Russian aggression.

The same day another curious announcement was made.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced at the Federation Council meting today: "Russia is can protect its interests on its own. We are open to cooperation with all the states in matters of solving any problems. However, if our partners are not interested in that, we shall have to act unilaterally to protect our national interests, and our actions will be based on the international law," reports RosBusinessConsulting . Link

The haggle between Russia and pirates' bosses came to nothing.  Our opponents now try their best to blacken our reputation.  They do not hesitate to use the weapons of mass destruction – the mass media – for the sake of it.

Anyway, Russia still acts on its own.

And the pirates go on doing their job. Where was Moscow University headed to? It was headed to China. When did it become certain that the pirates hadn't reached the shore? On May, 12th.

Here is another piece of May 12th news:

"Pirates have seized a Greek-owned ship in the Gulf of Aden," reports BBC News. "The Eleni P, which is managed by Eurobulk, was carrying a cargo of iron ore from the Black Sea to China."

And one more thing.

Within the last few years all terrorists involved in attacks in Russia were killed in the course of the operation. Have you ever wondered why? Then you should have a closer look at all the media companies shielding the pirates.

When Russian special services arrest a terrorist, it appears that the scoundrel has a bunch of rights, a lawyer, human rights "defenders", and the attention of the press.

FSB Chief Alexander Bortnikov told president Medvedev, May 13th: "Three members of the criminal group behind the blasts in Moscow Subway were killed while resisting arrest.  The terrorists offered fierce armed resistance and were eliminated", he added. Link

Information really is a weapon.

Original text by Nikolay Starikov

Translated by Yana Starikova

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