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Israel Attacks Turkish Ship

It is generally known that everything in this world is interrelated. Though this principle is more often associated with the weather – the Iceland volcano awakes, European air traffic is paralyzed – it works in politics too. Things there are also interrelated.

USA needs war to save the falling dollar. The scheme is pretty common – when the international tension increases, investors and countries deposit their assets in US dollars and US Treasury bonds. Hence, the demand rate is proportional to the tension level.

Thus US economy, with the enormous annual budget deficit, gets more and more money from the rest of the world. Greece cannot afford such financial policy, US can. Why? Because Greece doesn't have the note printing press and US does. He who has this printing press and can print dollars can afford living with budget deficit. There is only one condition – growing demand for the "product", that is dollars and treasury bonds. I wrote about it both in my book and in the recent article "Rescue of Dollar is War".

However, it is not that easy to provoke war today – everyone is shrewd and far-sighted.

That is why USA tries to provoke war whenever there is an occasion. The method they use has long proved it efficacy. Let us recall the grounds upon which USA and South Korea accused North Korea of Cheonan corvette sinking?

«Tensions between the two Koreas rose after a group of independent experts accused Pyongyang of firing a torpedo that sank the South Korean Cheonan corvette», reports RosBusinessConsulting .

The countries representing this group were USA, UK, Australia and Sweden.

One raises the eyebrows – how "independent" is that! Kremlin could have made the same independent brigade comprising the representatives of Russia, Belorussia, South Ossetia, and – just for fun – one "specialist" from Finland.

So, what do we have in the UK-USA-Australia-Sweden independent group? There are UK and Australia with one head of state – Queen of England, USA who needs war and Sweden – the great sea power.

No wonder the conclusions they came to contradict reality. The torpedo turned out to be of German origin, and has never been delivered to North Korea… But here came China – the least interested in having a military conflict at its border – with its view of the situation. TV channel Russia Today, when speaking about Chinese position on the subject, doesn't hesitate to call a spade a spade – that is to refer to the situation as the American provocation.

And now let us turn our eyes to the Middle East. There are four main figures here – Iran, Turkey, Israel and Iraq. It doesn't matter for the printing press owners who will be involved in the conflict, the point is that the conflict actually starts. Bearing that in mind we can take another look at the series of events that SUDDENLY started to happen in the region and that COULD trigger off war.

War version No.1: Israel-Iran

The pretext of the possible conflict has long been elaborated – Iranian nuclear threat.

May 30, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — The commander of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Sunday there is “clear evidence” that some Taliban fighters have trained in Iran. Link

May 30, 2010

Israel has deployed subs equipped with tactical nukes to the Persian Gulf, putting their weapons in range of any target in Iran. Link

June 01, 2010 .

The United Nations nuclear agency says Iran is continuing to stockpile nuclear material and is preparing equipment to enrich uranium to higher levels. A restricted report by the International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium has grown to more than 2.5 tons. With such a large stockpile Iran still would have enough uranium that could be used to produce a nuclear weapon. Link

War version No.2: Israel-Turkey

After Israel attacked Turkish ship on May 31 killing civilians, the relations between the two countries, that had been quite tense lately, have reached the boiling point.

"No explanation can justify or whitewash the crime that was committed, and no excuse can explain away the stupid actions of the government and the army. Israel did not send its soldiers to kill civilians in cold blood; this is the last thing it wanted. With a combination of excessive military force, and a fatal failure to anticipate the intensity of the reaction of those aboard the ship, it killed and wounded civilians, and did so – as if it were a band of pirates – outside its territorial waters". Link

"At least nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed in Monday’s assault on the Turkish ship leading a convoy bringing aid to Gaza. The action drew widespread international condemnation". Link

May 31 was marked with anti Israeli protests in many countries over Europe, Asia and Africa. According to Associated Press the largest manifestation was held in Istanbul. More than 10 thousand people gathered on the central square – they shouted anti Israeli slogans and burned Israeli flags. Link

The war between Turkey and Israel is rather a complicated issue – Turkey is a member of NATO, which declares itself as a defence coalition and has to protect Turkey from possible aggression. Although it might happen that Israel is attacked by some unknown bombing aircraft and while NATO arranges a "special investigation commission" Israel attacks Turkey in return and the countries are at war.

That is why it is too naïve to wonder why Israel committed this violent act. Because it had to, it was ordered to. When you cannot support yourself, it is impossible to refuse…

Besides, this Israeli demarche fans the flames of Israel-Iran conflict.

June 01, 2010

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has once again condemned Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid convoy as “brutal,” urging decisive action against Israel. He called upon the members of the UN Security Council to adopt a “decisive resolution” to stop Israeli crimes. Link

War version No.3: Turkey -Iraq

May 31, 2010.

"Kurdish rebels launched a rocket attack on a military vehicle near naval base in southern Turkey early Monday, killing seven soldiers and wounding seven. The rebels fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the vehicle carrying soldiers to a naval logistics base in the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun, officials said."  Link

These Kurdish rebels came from Iraq, where USA has made it possible for them to create an independent Kurdistan. Turkey has not once encroached upon Iraq's territory, but this time the conflict has to be far more serious. The States need war.

War version No.4: Iran-Iraq

Due to the policy of American puppet Saddam Hussein, the countries have been at war for 10 years. Millions died on both sides, the countries loathe each other and the easiest way to aggravate the situation is to drag the same old Kurds into it.

May 30, 2010.

An Iraqi border official says Iranian artillery fire in Iraq’s Kurdish north has killed a 14-year-old girl and wounded three other villagers. Border guard Capt. Kamiran Jalal said Sunday the Iranian artillery targeted villages in the Balakiyaki border area in Irbil province. Iran has previously targeted the border areas in pursuit of a Kurdish rebel group known as the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan, or PEJAK. Link

Pay special attention to the dates – the above listed events happened within three days!

There can be several conclusions.

1. USA is trying to provoke military conflicts wherever it is possible.

2. The States provoke four Middle East conflicts at once to make sure at least one of them works out.  In case Israel-Turkey war breaks out, it will be given to understand that Al-Quaeda doesn't exist in Iran. In case of Israel-Iran conflict, Turkey will no longer be included into the "new axis of evil" alongside with Moscow.

As for the main conclusion, it is far more surprising – American growing activity in the Middle East testifies to their failure in Korea: it appears that China doesn't let them unleash war there.

Since war in Korea is hardly possible, they try to spark it off elsewhere, launching four different scenarios at once to make sure one of them will work.

Everything is interrelated…

Original text by Nikolay Starikov

Translated by Yana Starikova

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